Thursday, November 18, 2010

Weight loss, Update #4.

It's been a tough go of things, really. I'm truly seeing how picky an eater I am. I really dislike many healthy foods and like the bad foods far too much. I've stuck to my calorie goals so far and I've kept the 4 lbs off. I am now working out 5 times a week with a great new program, EA Active on my Wii. It's tough, and there are a LOT of lunges and lunge like activities, which I'm finding very difficult on my knees. Anyway, I'm doing ok so far, as difficult as it's been.

I'd recommend EA ACtive to anyone looking for SOMETHING, ANYTHING to get their asses off the couch. It's easy and accessible to start, and if you can manage to get through the exercises, it feels very rewarding.

I'll continue to update this.


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