Thursday, December 16, 2010

Coleco Printable Table Top Rod Hockey Players: Part 3: Info and Requests

If you have a request for a team, current or otherwise, post a comment and I'll get right to it. I should have the 21 teams from the 70's board, plus the Soviets, the Canadians, and the USA within the next month. I can create custom teams. I will do this FOR FREE. I see on Ebay that people are charging as much as 40 bucks for sticker sheets of teams, which is ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS. Here, you get them free. Enjoy. Coming up, it looks like I'll have Montreal and Toronto next.



  1. Nice job with these man! Looks like you're only missing a few of the old teams (Sabres, North Stars, Rockies, etc.). Thanks!

  2. This is AWESOME! How do I access the Blackhawks and Bruins?

  3. There is a blog post for both. Just look through them all.