Thursday, December 16, 2010

Coleco Printable Table Top Rod Hockey Players: Part 1: New York Islanders

I have spent weeks and weeks looking for these printable decals for the classic 1970's table top rod hockey board and have finally come across some. I will post them here as I can (hopefully daily) so others who are interested in restoring or building one of these amazing fun games can get them. First off, the New York Islanders. :) Each graphic will contain 1 player and the goalie. These are scaled at 100%, so just open and print.



  1. Hi there! Thank you so much for posting these Coleco printouts! Is there any chance that you will be re-posting the New York Islanders with the left-handed player as well?

  2. Is there any chance that you can post the left handed Islander shooter as well? Thanks!

  3. Hey Jason! Sorry I haven't posted here in a couple of years. Shoot me an email (chrisddixon at gmail dot com) and I'll email it right over!