Thursday, December 9, 2010

First Blog in Forever. I LOVE DEF LEPPARD.

It's been a long time since I blogged... no excuses like being busy or what not, I just haven't done it. Maybe burnout in all forms that has killed my love of photography, slackened my game time, and killed my joy in doing anything creative may have something to do with that. I dunno. Anyway, today I'll talk briefly about my love affair with all things Def Leppard. They are a little dated, they aren't the most popular band in the world, but I could care less.

My joy in all things Leppard was born from my older brother Paul. He was your average little trouble maker, and my idol. He was outgoing and popular, much like any other big brother or sister in any sorts of story you see. My earliest memory of the Lepp comes from being in a car, passenger side back seat, and seeing big brother leaning out from his driver side back seated position to press play on the tape player to hear Pour Some Sugar on Me. We were just driving past Gushue's Pond Park going to our friend's cabin in Brigus Junction. Oh the glory days when the Lepp were king and the Dukes of Hazzard were still on TV. (at least in rerun!)

My current collection of Def Leppard music is basically everything they have ever recorded. I have every CD:

- On Though the Night (78ish)
- High n Dry (81ish)
- Pyromania (83ish)
- Hysteria (87)
- Adrenalize (91)
- Retroactive (95 ish?)
- Vault (96ish)
- Slang (96ish)
- Euphoria (98ish)
- Rock of Ages Greatest Hits (?)
- X (?)
- Songs From the Sparkle Lounge (2008ish?)

On top of the albums, I have dozens of CD singles, 4 Vinyl LP's of the first 4 albums, 3 45's, a few tapes, and countless MP3's from Itunes. It's an amazing collection of classic and modern rock.

One of the things that really sticks with me through the years of dual guitar awesomeness is a line that an old girlfriend said to me once. Cindy was her name. She said "no matter what memory I have in life, be it a school dance, be it a boyfriend, be it whatever, there's always a Def Leppard song I can remember it with. This is so very true for me, with memories of Def Leppard at Cadet and Scout camps, high school everything, college AND university days, all can be recalled when I hear that particular Lepp song associated with it.

(In a breaking news comment, it's DEF LEPPARD for the rest of the day! Must wash away the poison of Boney M and Kenny & Dolly...)

Just the other day I was opened up to something new, Grooveshark. It allows me to listen to hundreds of Lepp tunes without having to even look for them really. It's a great utility. Take a look. And now, BACK TO WORK! :D


PS: tonight I predict the next Isles loss, guessing 4-1 against the Bruins.

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