Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Complainers ruin things for everyone.

It's around this time of year the ba hum bugs come out full force.

"I hate the rush"
"I hate people"
"I hate the crowds"
"Christmas is so commercialized"
"I have no money for that this year"

Blah blah fucking blah. Christmas, the holidays, etc. are what you make of it. Personally, I absolutely LOVE this time of year. Yes, you do get crowds and people and mess and whatever, but who cares? Christmas is the time of year where, once the day is actually upon us, is one of the most friendly, happy days ever. It's like this every year too. People forget their issues with others and raise their glasses in toast together. Gifts given and received erase all the hum drum of the previous 30 or so days and all are happy once again.

I've personally been called crazy by many. I love the whole thing. The crowds in the malls and stores, the lights, the spending of money that I generally do not own. Who cares? I want to make Christmas special for one and all, and once a year a little splurge (within reason) on them isn't going to kill me. Then the day comes when they open their gifts, they tip their glasses, they smile and forget about work, about stress, about whatever. That day comes and for a brief moment, all is right in the world for EVERYONE and that makes it all worth it.

We didn't get to celebrate Christmas as much last year because we had just purchased our home and were a little shy on cashflow. This year, we have a little extra money and we're going to use it to contribute to a better season. Be it gifts, food or drink, we are letting go of the purse strings a little and are going to enjoy ourselves. This year is going to be special. In 5 years we may not remember what we got from each other, who we drank with or what we did, but we'll always remember that this was a special year.

So the next time someone whines about Christmas, put the biggest grin you can muster on your face and say: "Stuff it Grinch. Christmas is awesome, get over yourself."

See? Christmas. Awesome.


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