Monday, November 15, 2010

Scott Gordon canned, Islanders in disarray, my own thoughts.

This morning something that shouldn't have been a surprise but was to many happened in Scott Gordon being fired as head coach of the New York Islanders. He gets a cushy office job passing apple juice and coffee out to Garth Snow and Charles Wang, so they were nice enough to keep him employed through Christmas. ((ahem))

While there will be many pundits speaking their mind as to whether or not he deserved it, I'm trying to look at this in a more "devils advocate" role. Me? I would like to think he's grown with the team, and it may be a mistake to have taken him out of this role. However, it's his job to take his team and make a cohesive unit on the ice. I've spoken numerous times in this blog as to my thoughts on this. I felt like I was watching Pee Wee Hockey on many nights in October, even when the team was "competitive". Passing wasn't sharp. Puck control was non-existent. The power play was something to behold, but everything else was a mess. I'm guessing the goalie coach is going to get the gank next. Rick Dipietro just isn't ready for the big time yet, based on his performance alone. His rebound control, puck handling skills, and lateral movement have been nothing short of amateurish since the start of the season, from what little I've seen. Granted, many nights he was left alone (I'm starting to concede that Bruno Gervais might not be as gifted as I originally thought) but all the same, Dipietro used to steal games a couple years ago. Now, he looks like Joey MacDonald!

Do I know what this team needs? No. I am not a hockey whiz, just a fan. I read SOME other people's thoughts and they are so sure that they know all about what is going on that it literally makes me laugh. If they are so smart, why aren't they running the team? I'd like to see the following things:

1. Teach the team how to pass. Puck control, from a fan's vantage point, is terrible.
2. Softer pads for Dipietro. Possibly will dull rebounds and be easier on his knees. :P

Things I dare not comment on because I do not watch every game, but hear people whine about it alot:

1. Veteran leadership and import talent.
2. Garth Snow being canned.
3. Goaltending help.

There are a lot of Islanders bloggers out there who, because they watch a lot of hockey, thinkt hey know what the team needs. From you folks, if you do read this, all they need from you is support. Stop whining. I'm behind this team, no matter what, through thick and thin (Even though this is an incredibly "thin" time! WHOA!). If the islanders lose every game til 2015 when they may move, I'll still watch and cheer for every guy as hard and as loud as when they were winning. Yes, it gets frustrating. But as a real fan of the team, I simply do not care. They are my team. They've been so since 1984. No matter what, they always will be.

For any of you who are interested in Islanders hockey, there are two folks you should follow on Twitter or read their blogs. Chris Botta (@ChrisBottaNHL ) is the former PR Director of the Islanders and while he can be a little scathing at times, is the true voice of the Islanders for fans who really want to know. When a team is this down in the dumps, it's hard not to be scathing. His site,, gets more media creds than the "official" Islanders Beat writer, Katie Strang. A second to follow is the 7th Woman (@7thWoman). Her blog, truthfully, I have not read. I read every tweet by her though. She speaks with a passion for the team that I don't think I have ever seen before. The team should seriously consider paying her, as she is easily the BEST PR spokesperson for the team at present time. If you want to hear REAL hockey knowledge, read Pierre McGuire, Bob McKenzie, and Darren Dreger from TSN. Their blogs and thoughts can be found on

I am a fan. Simple. I follow the Islanders, I jump when they win, frown when they lose, but will always follow. I am no hockey whiz, but I can give an opinion here and there that may turn some folks off or make them read even more. I don't pretend to think I know the game. I do love it though.

Hey Isles. Some of you on twitter, you know, @RobSchremp, @grabs40, @MMoulson, I'm behind ya! Pass it on to your non-digital teammates.


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  1. I love the Joey MacDonald comment! But I don't know if Sudsie will get axed. then again, I didn't think Scotty would. sigh. Proving, WTFDIK. :o)