Friday, November 26, 2010

Some more fun Goalie Masks, with comments!

One of my bigger hits on this blog was a post way back in the day about Awesome Goalie Masks. There's been a few around the league now, from yesteryear to this year that are pretty nifty, and pretty silly. Let's take a look.

First off, let's look at the ridiculous.

Mr Dan Bouchard. Dear God, I know it's a new thing, putting newly fanangled paint on the typically white mask, but to go Lucha-Libre? Really?

Next is the steal your soul iteration of goaltending, courtesy of Gary Bromley of the Vancouver Canucks, circa 1980-81. (Funny, I thought Kirk Mclean was the Canucks goalie from expansion through to '94... hrm...)

Ahhhh!!! Scary.

I was always a fan of Brian Hayward. Good on him to finally get a chance to play when the sharks came around in the early 90's. Great mask too! Too bad the team stank.

"Whoops! There goes another one."

Rick DiPietro the trooper.He's a proud American, that's for sure. He wears it on his sleeve... no wait, he wears it on his helmet.

Bow Brian Elliott of the Ottawa Senators goes after the kid in all of us, with his TMNT inspired helmet. Every kid loved Casey Jones. So does this big GOOF.

"I think I made a doodie in my pants"

Mike Smith's helmet screams of something out of a Heavy Metal Magazine. Lightning God of Awesome, I shall sell my soul to Gary Bromley's mask if you would make mine!

She turned to the sky and said "Let it be so".

Creativity in any form is great and missing in much of our standard livelihoods. The fact that these fellows in one way shape or form try is worthy of at least mention. :)


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