Saturday, November 13, 2010

Rock Band 3, overview, noted reviews, etc.

Friday I came up with a copy of Rock Band 3 for xbox 360. I was particularly interested in the Pro Mode, which effectively teaches someone how to play either Keyboards, Guitars, Drums, or Bass, depending on which instrument you were to play.

Here is a review of Rock Band 3 from IGN.

Now, I've beena Guitar Hero/ Rock Band player from the start. When Guitar Hero first appeared on the PS2, I had my little plastic guitar, fantasizing about a being a rock god with the best of them. The song that truly got me hooked was More Than a Feeling on Guitar Hero 1. It was a cover, but it was close enough. I've owned pretty much every Guitar Hero/ Rock Band since. (I skipped the 80's Guitar Hero, and the Beatles and Green Day, not a big fan of either band really.)

My friends and I used to play almost EVERY weekend, to the point of truly exhausting our interest in the game. It was social, it was fun (at least to the players... our wives now hate the game), and it did a great job at passing the time on a weekend when we had little or no money. Now-a-days, we all have at LEAST Rock Band 2 in our collections. (Speaking of which, I should export the RB2 disk so I can add the songs to RB3!!!)

I have my "greatest hits" songs, ones which I sing whenever we get together and play. Even though I try to turn my nose up and say "I'm not doing them this time!" I always end up doing them. There's "More Than A Feeling", there is "Everlong", "Push Push Lady Lightning", and so on and so forth. RB3 brings my FAVORITE band to the game, Def Leppard. Granted, it's one of their worst tunes (Foolin' from Pyromania, circa 1983ish) but it's still a start.

THe new pro mode is what really got me interested. Learning to play guitar has always haunted me, and if this will help in anyway, GREAT! The only issue being the damned guitar is $150 US!!! That's $169 canadian, for anyone counting. I can't wait to try it, but I'm gonna have to wait til the guitar really drops in price. My real guitar with stand and tuner only cost me $70 for goodness sake.

Here is IGN's review of the Pro Guitar.

The keyboards also bring something to the table, in allowing my wife to start enjoying the game. I do not have the "keytar" yet, but hopefully will have one soon, also when the price drops. It's just a few dollars cheaper than the pro guitar.

Anyway, I'm enjoying the game thus far, as there have been a few additions to the mix to make it feel like more than just "more Rock Band". My thoughts on the game are similar to those presented by IGN, so their review should do for what the game is about and whether you should check it out yourself. My personal thoughts on it are:

- would have liked better graphics. It seems like a step backward actually. The avatars look like they are marionettes right out of the Thunderbirds or Team America.
- Love the music, would love **insert band name here** though.
- Like the new challenges, this will only add to group play.
- It's confusing on how to import songs from previous games.
- Finally, drop in drop out play. This is a great feature in ANY multiplayer game.
- would have liked the party play from Guitar Hero 5.


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