Monday, November 22, 2010

Islanders and the 7th Woman

Cheers to the 7th Woman (for whom I still have no idea what her real name is!!) for sticking to her guns and being positive. Through the devastating slide, 13 long now I believe, she's always been what I've been saying to be the past few Islanders posts.

She's been a fan and positive. Go 7th Woman.

Here's a link and a copy and paste to her blog about Pierre McGuire and his thoughts on the team.


WOW! Say one thing on Twitter that Pierre McGuire said some positive things about the NY Islanders and everyone want s to know WHAT! Geeze guys, don’t you have XM Home Ice? ;o)

So while driving to work this morning listening to my favorite show with @HTMBigCountry and Rossi, Pierre McGuire gave an accurate account of the Islanders. He said that without Streit and Okposo what did we expect. Seriously, the Isles are down three of their top defense and now may be without Mottau for awhile. He also said that a good man lost his job and it was a shame, but that’s what coach’s sign up for in the NHL. They know that is what happens when things go wrong on the ice; they are the ones who end up unemployed. Shame, but everyone knows the drill.

Now while McGuire DID say some negative things about drafting and “management blunders,” I’m pretty sure he’s not worried about an Islanders task force placing a hit on him. No, he was honest in his accounts and echoed past history that we have all discussed as business decisions with negative results.

Thing is, that even with this devastating losing streak, the tide is turning. It’s a matter of keeping the young, growing talent in the right frame of mind as they get through their growing pains. He said look out for this team next year, the year after and the year after that. They are going to be GOOD. And if they continue to make the right player decisions, such as sending Nino back to juniors, they will be really good.

I DM'ed Shawn from XM Home Ice’s Hockey This Morning to see if they have the audio clip of McGuire’s morning appearance, if he posts it on Facebook or the like, I will link it.

All I’m trying to say is that as bad as it is to be an Islander fan right now, we can’t throw in the towel and walk away. “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Pierre said. But when it was built, it was pretty damn impressive.


Stick to your guns, Miss 7th. I'm a big fan.


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