Monday, November 8, 2010

Fallout New Vegas has everyone fooled, a brief review by me.

Saturday night i finished Fallout: New Vegas. This game, heralded by many for possible game of the year honors, is so far off the freakin mark that it almost became laughable by the end of it.

I put 40 hours into this game, many of said hours were for quests that had me running clean across the Mojave wasteland, fetching one little thing or another, or convincing some random character that they should follow me, not the bad guy, and do the right thing. I would then turn around, run all the way back, only for the original quest giver to glitch and turn on me, effectively ending his own life (as I was near god-like) and FUCKING OVER THE QUEST, and ESSENTIALLY MAKING ALL THAT TIME RUNNING A COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME. There is this little thing where factions either love you or hate you. If you do something such as change your cloths into something that they don't like, they will pull a gun on you. Biggest example of all this bugginess was a visit with the Great Kahns. I visit them to start, they give me a quest and plead for my help. I go do the quest, return, where they are all waiting to blow my brains out. I was wearing the same gear on both visits. I even had my gun holstered.

By hour 32, I got so pissed with it all that I became a raving lunatic in game, and killed everyone. I wiped out the Great Kahns, the evil Legion (including the evil patriarch of the game Caesar), the Freaks, the Powder Gangers, half of the Vegas Strip, the Brotherhood of Steel, and most anyone who even looked at me funny. If everyone in the game was dead except for me, then you know what? I FUCKING WIN. That is what I did too. I did get to the final boss of the game, a stand in for Caesar, the "Legate of the Legion", or some crap. He saw me, soiled his pants, and ran away. Tada! Ending. I did so many good things at the start of the game that I was STILL hailed as the savior of the Mojave. Funny, hey.

Fallout New Vegas is a horribly glitched game and I can't possibly recommend it to anyone who is new to Fallout. If you played Fallout3, it's more of the same but buggier, but close enough that you should get something out of it.

2.5 out of 10.

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