Tuesday, November 9, 2010

All Day Blog Part 4: Good Lord, kids with guns in Newfoundland...

This from an article taken from CBC News. For those readers out of province, here in Newfoundland, it's not uncommon for the worst thing to be reported on the news is some drunk on George Street threatening someone walking by, not things like murder or Columbine like. Sadly, the problems with parentage in this and many provinces are starting to come out of back rooms and closets and starting to show their ugly heads. For example, this child, who according to this article is in a single parent family, decided the threaten a local outport school. What can drive a child or teen to do something so... stupid?

My questions in this situation are thus:

1. Where was the boy's mother when this happened?

2. Where is the boy's father?

3. What caused such an awful breakdown in the boy's mental stability to do something so foolish?

4. Are there others involved?

5. Are the parents taking responsibility for the boy's actions?

Read on.



An eastern Newfoundland teenager was taken into custody Monday evening after the RCMP learned of threats made to a small community's high school.

RCMP said Tuesday that threats had been made involving Crescent Collegiate High School in Blaketown on Newfoundland's Avalon Peninsula.

Police said they had apprehended a boy, 15, and took him to the Newfoundland and Labrador Youth Centre in Whitbourne.

Four firearms were seized from the youth's mother's residence, police said.

RCMP said the principal had reported "serious threats to the school and staff."

The youth was scheduled to appear at youth court in St. John's on Wednesday morning. Under federal law, he cannot be identified.


FOUR??? Four firearms??? Let's definitely start questioning the mother in this case.


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