Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Photography... a loss of interest?

Over the past few months, I've really found myself to have burned out my desire to take photographs. Be it a lack of any real subject matter that I haven't beaten to death or a complete lack of inspiration, I have had trouble taking up my camera and shooting even the most basic of landscapes. I have really only shot photos of people lately, and their babies. Lots. Of. Babies. :P

I actually have a club competition coming up for Macro Photography. I've taken a few shots for it, but truth be told, they all look "forced". I haven't been pleased with any of them. Insects, water bottles, car hoods, pretty much anything and everything that any moron can grab a camera and shoot. I want "more", but it's intensely difficult to line that sort of thing up.

I also feel I am a little disenchanted with my Camera Club. Everyone there is fantastic, but I've noticed myself being a little bored when I've been there the first few weeks. I've never been a "I love going to class" kinda guy, I'm more into practical application. Camera club has really felt like going to class for me lately, and I think that's killing my interest in it, at least for the time being. I hope nobody in the club who may possibly be reading this takes offense to this. The club has been a great place for information and socialization for me. Some of the work I've seen come out of the club has been awe inspiring, it's just I think I am starting to wish for something different from it.

It's quite possible that I may need to take a cold turkey break from Photography as well. It seems lately that everywhere I go I take my camera, and I'm forcing shots. A little battery recharge may be in order.


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