Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The All Day Blog: Part 2: Losing Weight

For the past year or so, basically since after my wedding, I have been packing on weight like I was getting ready to hibernate through a nuclear winter. Since the wedding, I've gained about 20 to 25 lbs I'm guessing (I have to guess, I have no scale). All my cloths still fit, remarkably, but do feel a little tighter.

This has been a real Achilles heel for me, all my life really. I'm not a weight lifter, I hate the repetitiveness of the gym, and I haven't been really associated with any sort of sports organization worth a damn. My life, as it is, is not inclined to being active. My eating habits are likely going to kill me, if I do not actually do my best to try and change things.

So today is the day. I've started some things over the past week that can really go a long way to getting better at this. I drink 10 571ml bottles of water a day. I don't hedge when it comes to doing anything particularly active. I still haven't been able to kick the bad eating habits yet, but today for lunch there's fruit and vegetables waiting with my name on them.

I honestly don't know how to do it right though. I have to admit, I just do not like healthier foods as much as my favorite "ketchup-cheese-and-bacon" combos. I can figure out being active, but that is all for not if I don't couple it with better eating habits.

I'll update this topic over the next week or so.


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  1. check out www.myfitnesspal.com it is really good for tracking your eating. Don't try to quit everything at once, maybe compromise some of the things so you still feel like you can eat what you like. As some time passes hopefully you will start to like some of the new foods you add to your diet.