Thursday, November 25, 2010

Should the Islanders Start Losing?

Are we too far into the season now to salvage it? Let's assume the Islanders, currently with what... 13 points? Let's assume you need 85 points to make the playoffs in the weaker eastern conference. So the Isles need to make up a whopping 72 points in 61 games. in wins, that is 36 games. That's a .600 clip. On top of all that, 85 pts is being generous. To be safe, the Isles should hit the better part of 90 pts.

Given that these are unrealistic numbers for a team currently having lost 14 straight, I think it may be time to look to next year already. With what is rumored (I haven't read too much on it yet) to be a deeper draft, a top 5 pick would certainly grant the team another blue chip prospect, or perhaps that coveted "veteran leadership" via trade. Given that signing a free agent is off the table, a trade seemingly is the only option.

I'm sure I'll hear about it from true die hards... giving up on the season already? You know what? I haven't at all. If the Islanders find that genie in the bottle and pull of the .650 plus winning percentage they need, it'll be AWFUL FUN TO WATCH. The whole "we were giving them a handi-cap would take on a whole new meaning. But given the brutal injuries to key players, the lack of development on young players, and everything else that seemingly has gone wrong this year, how is this possible save for a sold soul here and there? I'd think it might even be a couple, depending on the quality of the person.

Before all of this happens, the Isles have to get through a few games. The near equally bad Devils on Friday, and the Rangers back to back after that. Here's hoping, right?


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