Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The All Day Blog Part 1: The Joy of Sharing Wine

Last night I stopped by my wife's old place of work and dropped off a couple of bottles of wine to her friends working there, and it was an absolute pleasure, even better than the actual partaking of the wine itself.

The two friends in question are easily some of the nicest, genuine people I've met in quite some time, and when they smile ear to ear and say thank you, they really mean it.

The batch of wine that I did take up almost 2 weeks ago now has been a smash hit with everyone who has sampled it. It's a very candy like experience, with only the slightest hint of wine-like taste to it. It's a wonderful sipping wine, great with a steak or even pasta.

If any of my friends who are reading this would like to try some, drop me a line, email, etc. and we'll share a glass.


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