Friday, February 26, 2010

It's Friday again! What are YOU playing the weekend? :P

So yeah, it's one of those weekends where it's obvious not much is going on so most of us who are gamers will be filling the relaxation time with some gaming. It's that opportunity to put some real time in without the mamby pamby "we should do something" crap that comes up during most other gaming sessions. So far I've eliminated a couple of titles from my playlist. (A Review for non Readers) In recent posts you'll have read that I've completed Divinity 2, Bayonetta, and realized that I am unable to force myself to finish Lost Odyssey due to frustration. Last night I spent about 90 minutes trying to play Tomb Raider Underworld and it ended up turning into a "run to the computer for a walkthrough" affair because by the end, I wanted it done and I wanted out. I finished the First Mediterranean Level and that wasjust enough to know that the game wasn't my forte. The cameras, which I already had felt were bad, were WORSE, the control was a little better than first impressions but the magic "ledge" issue that has plagued Tomb Raider from the start (ie: you either need a perfect jump or the force to mentally know what ledges you could grab onto or not as they are NEVER clearly marked) I don't think I've ever played a series that has been more frustrating to play than Tomb Raider.

Anyway, as per my list from the other night, that leaves us with Wolverine, Bioshock 2 and AvP. I noted before that I'm finding Wolverine a bit repetitive, so I think we move into AvP. We also now have 3 traders, in Divinity2, Bayonetta, and Wolverine. Yay! New game hunting this weekend. :D Woot! I should just use it as trade for Final Fantasy 13. But... I think I'll rent it first to make sure that it doesn't have LOSS, the "Lost Odyssey Snore Syndrome". It's a big fear of mine now. I don't need live action, but I do need better load screens. (see previous post on thoughts for that)

I'd like to play more NHL 10, but I'm to a point where I want to play people of EQUAL skill level, not just romp the comp or get murdered by online wierdos. Hockey has been a passion of mine since a child. I've played and owned most every video game version of hockey (well, the good ones anyway) since it was first conceived back on the old atari! There is just nobody who shares this passion with me, unless it's a gamerscore hunt. If you are reading this and you ARE an NHL 10 fan like myself, message me in the comments here and we'll start a game!!!!

That's it for this week folks! See you next post!


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