Friday, February 19, 2010

FREE BEER! and..... rockband!

This is a quick post as I only have about 5 minute left to lunch, but it's because I was on a....


I got a couple of coupons for the local brewery and went and got me a couple dozen beer. :D Great way to waste a lunch.

Tonight I am having a couple of fellas from work over (sorry Marcus! I'll be over after if it runs short!) to play a little rock band/ guitar hero. We've named our band "The Signfasts". (We work at the local Fastsigns). It'll be a hoot and a half and a fun way to spend a few hours with the folks I spend 45 hours of my life a week with. They are a good bunch. :D

With that, I'm off. I type as slow as an 80 year old with stubby fingers and arthritis in his knuckles. :P So much for 5 minutes!!!!


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