Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Cheap Ass Gamer and the PS3: Not Friends.

Games on PS3 are expensive!!! Comparative titles that would go for no more than $29.99 on 360 seem to trend towards $39.99 and up on PS3. Dear god.

My wife got her first PS3 trophy last night, in Little Big Planet (grossly overpriced at $49.99 used... we rented it). She put pants on Sack Boy. The game is cute, but we're getting the same feeling from it that our friends got from it. It's cute. It's different. It's... meh. Fun for a day or two, then it gets put away for all of time.

It's funny. THe first game we got for the system was the classic... Final Fantasy VII. Steph has been looking for that pinnacle, JRPG styled game. I figured that she may as well start with the best and go from there. I finished that game so many times.

Yay I have TV! I can now do reviews of some shows and add a little more to my sparse little blog-o-sphere in the world. :)

Back tomorrow!


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