Saturday, February 6, 2010

Late night blogger

It is closing on 1am Sunday morning and I'm just fresh off of an sitting of Lego Rock Band. It's a cute little game, but really is just Rockband with a Lego skin on it. The boss battle was fun though, with each person taking a turn ZAPPING a big lego rocktopus. :D

I've been spending more time with Divinity 2 lately. It's a fun RPG, but I get the "lack of direction" feel from it on all corners. I've done most of the sidequests and now I'm at a critical story point and to be quite honest with you, I have NO freaking idea what to do. I'm in a room filled with gold and I can't touch it or I die. It's strange. Am I supposed to sit in there for a while and hope the powers that be see I don't care about the gold so I can leave and show my "non-materialistic" ways? I feel like there was little planning done for this game at times, beyond the basic Red-Bulled up 20-something programmer saying "You know what would be cool?" and implementing said coolness.

That's one of the WORST things I hear on a daily basis. "You know what would be cool?" As a designer, I'm actually paid to know what would be cool. I'm not smug, I'm open to suggestion, but I take inspiration from millions of sources all the time and someone who suddenly gets some sort of brilliant inspiration out of the blue knows what would be cool. Meh. Say what you will. It's likely NOT cool.

Anyway, back to Divinity. I am actually enjoying the game that has a general rating of about 6ish out of 10. To me, this says a lot about reviews in general. In the end, even though a reviewer has seen a million games and can be considered "educated" in the subject, it's still just ONE person's perspective. He may hate it because he had a bad day and had to get his angst out on something. He may have just felt more strongly than someone else about a flaw in the title. This is why I LOVE demos. Now a days you get to try a lot of new titles carefree in demo form off of XBOX live or PS Network. It's because of the demo available that I ended up getting Divinity. Sure the ratings were bad, but I felt it was good when I tried it, so I got it.

Thanks for the latenight read. See you tomorrow or monday!


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