Sunday, February 7, 2010

TV and why I love it

Television is truly the marvel of technology of the 20th century. Everything uses a monitor these days. TV, computers, gaming. Hell, checkouts at grocery stores use them. It is the means by which almost ALL information is provided to the general public these days. If a tv screen hadn't been created all those years ago, what kind of world would we live in?

This being a games blog, I have to start with gaming on tv screens. There's some doozies of tv screens available today. A couple of friends of mine use those snazzy 54 inch lcd beasts. I'm still stuck in standard def TV land. I have a monstrous 36 inch TV that is so big I could house homeless people in it. It suffices though, I am pretty sure I enjoy games just as much on that as I would on a hi def screen.

Does anyone notice that HI-Def service isn't that great yet? You see all these channels provided in "HD"... but I find them a little foggy at best. 720 res services just don't seem to cut it for the extra price you pay for them.Granted, I don't actually watch them much as I don't have the hidef service, but when I've visited people who do and switched between the hi-def and the standard (for some reason you get both) I haven't seen a discernable amount of difference worthy of the extra 20 bucks a month... (works to $240 bucks and taxes a year...)

Now I have seen a difference in video quality from standard def DVD to Hi-Def Bluray. They are so crisp and clean to watch. Is it worth it to upgrade? I beleive so, not because it's THAT much better, but because in a few years, DVD will have gone the way of VHS. It's just natural progression. You really see it today with all the great DVD sales now. Stores are trying to clear stock and people are eating it up. This is more a buyers market than a renters market too, making it a fun time to be a DVD reseller.

Computers have their snazzy monitors now too. I sit here on a 21 inch monitor, non LCD. It's, for lack of a better term, a BEAST. Flat screen and gorgeous. I love it. I just hate how fat an ass it has. Ah well.

Ok, off to the races again. Thanks for reading and see you tomorrow.


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