Friday, February 12, 2010

Weekend plans anyone?

This seems to be a common place phrase on Fridays. Everyone in general tends to want to do SOMETHING, but few want to organize a plan that cultivates into something, so everyone tends to do what they typically do on weeknights and get a little extra sleep. I'm sitting here wondering what the hell I'll be doing the weekend outside of my torture that is EA Active.

I was thinking of watching a bunch of animated movies, actually. I have a whole collection of the better animated Marvel and DC movies from the past few years, and a new one too! Hulk Planet, which revolves around how some major players in the Marvel Universe shot the Hulk off to a distant planet because he was deemed too dangerous to stay on Earth any longer. This planet he proceeds to conquer. Interesting. I also have a copy of "Superman/ Batman: Public Enemies". This one I've seen bits and pieces of, and am excited to see through in it's complete entirety. Being 34 now, you'd think I would have gotten past my joy in well done animated materials, but I gotta say, screw the nay sayers. I've been watching quality animated movies since I was in diapers and it seems that they just keep getting better. DC really raised the bar back in the early 90's with the fantastic Batman: The Animated Series based around the styles of the Tim Burton movies. They continued to take that ball and run with it through a number of series which included Superman and the Justice League. They've translated that into great direct to DVD movies such as Batman: Sub Zero, Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman, Justice LEague: New Frontiers, and so on. The games for some of this stuff aren't up to par, with Batman Vengeance and Batman: Rise of the Shin Tsu really being nothing more than standard beat-em-ups.


I managed to get to the point in Divinity II where I get to be a dragon. This, while cool, isn't quite as good as I'd hoped it'd be. I find that visually it's clunky, and the controls are a little off. I think I'm being a little too harsh on it in what I say, as it's certainly manageable. But as a dragon, I always was under the impression that you were near invincible, and in this, you are a PUSSY. You charging in with flaming breath unless you are looking forward to an untimely death. Now you are strong, as your flame breath really does the job on the baddies. The lock on system is pretty good too. More later!


It is absolutely SICK how much money one can save on gaming so long as they simply shop around and play the trade racket. This week, Afro Samurai is STILL selling for 9.99 and trades for $23.33 (via the trade 3 get it free from EB), Prince of Persia sells on average of $14.99 to $19.99 at most shops but still manages to keep it's $23.33 trade value, and you can now get Heavenly Sword from Block buster for an ASTOUNDING $4.99 and STILL trade it for $23.33 at EB. Those three games alone will end up getting you a combined discount of at LEAST $40 on a new title. The three combine go for a meager $29.97. Go buy these three, go trade 3, and get a $69.99 game for free. Boom. How easy was that.


That's it for me this week folks! See you soon.


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