Monday, February 1, 2010

Failing at Bogging 101, don't write for 2 days. I am now a proud owner of a PS3!

Well, I missed out on writing all weekend. If I had anyone faithfully following (I only had one statistically anyway) chances are they've stopped reading anyway. But, I'll still keep writing, and do better. :)

This weekend I managed to get myself one of those new fangled PS3's... and I gotta say, it's JUST LIKE AN XBOX, just wrapped up in a prettier black case. The games I want to play are on both, they both have an online network, and the controllers, for all intensive purposes, are the same. The blueray would be handy if I had a hhi-def tv, but since I don't, it's really no different. The only benefit I've noticed so far is that there are some nice classic games for download unavailable on XBL, such as Final Fantasy 7.

I've noticed the consistent theme that people who own BOTH systems tend to play their 360's more. Is one better than the other? No. They are the same. They each have snazzy "exclusive" titles, but neither makes it any more worth having one over the other. I think it's just the install base is bigger on 260, hence personal trade networks tend to rule out.

I'm 25 hours in on Mass Effect 2, won't tell any story bits, just wanted to let you know that THE GAME OWNS MY SOUL. It's that good, worth buying a system for, or a PC that can run it. :) Go mad!!!


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