Friday, January 29, 2010

I gotta case of the 3pm Fridays...

I'm sitting here at work, listening to Kings of Leon (the band grows on me daily for some reason, even though the lead singer seems to like sucking lemons). It's Friday, 3:05 pm, and I just want to go home. It happens to me after a long week. It's been a very long week, one where I thought I'd be eyes and ears into space fantasy a la Mass Effect 2. Sadly, I've been out almost every night since I got it, or been busy doing adult responsibility things. Yick. As a result, I am running on fumes and caffeine.

This weekend bodes joy and bliss as I get the pleasure of sitting down with my friends babies and talking games with the dads. :) No sarcasm either, this'll be a hoot. I love kids and can't wait to have my own. It's like growing a gaming buddy. I'm also planning on a fun photoshoot with my cats, should they be so willing to accommodate me. :) Might be hard though... recall that old "herd a bunch of cats" saying...

I wanted to drop a big thanks to the good folks at the Village Mall EB Games. I tried putting my preorder armor code in and it turned out to be used! Sigh... so I brought it back and they gladly gave me a new one and some awesome SWAG from Guitar Hero and Darksiders. You guys rock. Shop there. It's a great experience.

Time for my THIRD coke of the day. See you on the flip side.


Word of the day: Dickhead. Use it with glee on degenerate pricks who insist on backing in to a parking spot with absolutely no skill in doing so.

Learn to park... Dickhead. :P

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