Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Avatars and Moustaches, positives and minus'

First off today, we'll talk about Avatar. To reiterate from what I said last night, I DO want to try the game after seeing this movie, in the hopes it is as exhilarating an experience as the movie was. Who is Sam Worthington and where the hell did he come from??? First he lands a major role in Terminator Salvation, now the lead in Avatar, and next he's in Clash of the Titans??? Good on him I guess, but he'll regret it when his soul resides in hell for eternity for the deal he made with the devil! :P

Anyway, he did a great job in this film playing the grunt turned hero. If you go into this film looking for a new original story, then you will be disappointed. If you go in looking for an experience, then you will be pleased.It doesn't have cheezy 3D like Journey to the Center of the Earth, which was built around being 3D instead of being a decent movie with 3D added to push it over the top.

Visually the movie was absolutely stunning, with really only Lord of the Rings comparing to such a grand set piece. The world is engaging and accessible, yet still being very alien. In the nights the ground and foliage light up when you touch it, the insects are even cool. (The spinny bug in particular). The floating mountains, the Tree of Souls (yeah, lamo name but cool looking), the home tree, everything. THe robots on the human base were amazing looking, and the digitally animated Avatars and blue people were very believable looking... which is a accomplishment in itself, as most 3d characters in movies still look like 3d animated characters, not co-stars.

James Cameron really has his thumb on the heartbeat of the masses, as he has made himself another major cash cow. It only trails Titanic in overall grosses now (not accounting for inflation mind you) at 1.3 billion to Titanics 1.8. Either way, a movie that was supposed to suck REALLY didn't.

Now, my moustache rant. :P

I gotta say, the moustache in modern male society is almost a rite of passage. The VERY moment most pre-pubescent boys are capable of growing hair on their face, they do it. Who can grow the thickest? Who can grow the longest? It's not uncommon to walk through the mall on a friday night and see more unnecessary facial hair than anywhere else in the world. I grew one, my brothers grew one, it's what you do.

It's when the time to shave comes that makes all the difference in the world.

As you grow up, you become more aware of what people around you are thinking. It's not to say that you should do what others say, not at all. It's just that a woman typically dislikes kissing a hairbrush. Simple. (This from the love of my life, not mindless prattle on my part)

In my travels, you see moustaches on these sorts of people typically:
1. 40 or 50 somethings who haven't let go of the 70's and 80's style yet.
2. Contruction Workers or heavy laborers.
3. Men from outport or rural communities.
4. Tweens.

In all cases, facial hair is unnecessary and unfashionable. WHY? Why have a moustache? Most of them manage to keep it trimmed, so they are concious of it being there. They don't want it to look bad, so they must have some sense of fashion in general (well, some of them)... so why not actually just GET RID OF IT? It looks REDICULOUS.

Now, not all facial hair is bad. A neatly trimmed beard in most cases can look distinguished. But it has to be neat. Not the wierdos in college who think they are "expressing their inner selves" by looking like dirtbags or who haven't let go of their inner teen (an all too common problem).

So what's the deal? Who knows. The 80's have called numerous times. They want their shitty facial hair back.

So, why do I hate trucks? And guys who drive them? Well, I guess it's less trucks and more aggressive drivers that I hate... but it's generally someone in an unnecessarily large truck who is cutting me off and crawling up my ass when I'm driving. I hate it when I pull into a red light, and the truck behind me near blinds me with its headlights because its to fucking close.

It's funny that I typically see some guy with a moustache who is driving the stupid big truck. I wonder why?

It's also bad of me... but I've cheered when I see them pulled over for speeding and running red lights. I guess I'll see these guys in hell, where we will torture each other for all of time. :P

A promised note on Darksiders... I haven't played it in a couple of days... which is bad for me because I will likely hold it as tradebait now... based on my habits in game trading anyway. Sigh... I hope I never buy a game sight unseen ever again. :S


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