Thursday, January 21, 2010

Short posts on nights the wife works... Is Republic of Doyle that good? And... NHL 10.

Short post again today, Steph was working tonight so I had to go get her during my blogging hour. I was sitting down watching the latest episode of Republic of Doyle tonight and I have to admit, I'm not that big of a fan.

Republic of Doyle is a show filmed and based in St. John's, NL. The lovely town where I live. The hoorah over it here locally is really to the moon. Everyone loves it, thinks it's the best thing on TV since MASH or somethin. Well, to be honest with you, I've watched every episode so far. It's not BAD... but it really isn't that good either (I'm expecting to be thrown to the wolves for saying that). If it were a show based out of Halifax or Toronto, I'd have stopped watching already. There are some very strong points with the show. Jake and his father, the main actors of the show, have an incredible chemistry that isn't seen on tv very often. "Malkie" the father is a true natural. Jake, played by Allan Hawco, is good as well but would do well to take some notes on delivery from the ol' man. The grandmother of the show, a veteran of Canadian television, Lynda Boyd, is probably the weakest part of the show along with the love interest, Krystin Pellerin, the Constable Leslie Bennett. They both try SO HARD to be Newfoundlanders... but over act terribly and awkwardly. The teenaged niece of Jake Doyle is servicable, for the 5 minutes or so she's on screen each week. The ex wife, played by Rachel Wilson, is great. She doesn't try to slap on a fake Newfie accent and it actually services her role perfectly.

Pretty much EVERY guest star and supporting casting role in the show is badly portrayed. Shawn Majunder was absolutely terrible in episode 1, and the worst part is, HE ACTUALLY IS A NEWFOUNDLANDER!!!

The stories themselves are actually very unique and have some nice twists in them, which is what truly gives hope to the show itself. Between the growing talents and the great plot developments, the show does have a lot of potential.

Now, onto video game stuff. I played my first ever online game of NHL 10 last night. I used the Islanders, and my oposition was a daunting... Team Canada. It was a very close affair, and I came out on top 2-1 with a last minute goal. :D Yay me. Anyway, I played two more games and got smoked each time. I think the skill matcher thing is broken. :P All in all it was a good experience for me, as I typically do not play online. I got a real sense of pride from winning against a real opponent. I'll do it again sometime. :)

Mass Effect 2 is only a few short days away now. OOOOOOOHHHH!!!! :) Back tomorrow!


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