Saturday, January 23, 2010

First missed day...

I missed my first day of blogging Friday, but to be quite honest with you, not much happened. I went over to check out the Wall ofShame at Entertainment Centre and got me a couple of games, and missed one gem. I got Afro Samurai and Silent Hill Shattered Dreams, and I missed out on Oblivion: Game of the Year Edition. I had Oblivion in my hands to get, but put it down as I figured that I'd played it relentlessly already (50+ hours), got most of the gamerscore, and hadn't played either of the other two. I find out today that it's a most wanted title, a guaranteed trade 3 title. I would have vonverted a 4 dollar trade title in Infinite Undiscovery for a 23 dollar + trade three title... and I missed out. Shit on me. Oh well, I do have two new titles that I'm actually interested in enough to play (especially Silent Hill) and not in love with enough to care if I need to trade them again. All in all not a bad haul. If anyone were interested enough who was reading this, Rock Band 2 was there as well. Given I have it already, I passed on it. But it's a guaranteed trade 3 title as well, given it's 45 or 50 dollar price tag at EB these days.

I finished Mass Effect again tonight and am primed and ready for Mass Effect 2 now. Woot! I have a maxed out character ready for import into the new title. I also managed to crack 1000 gamerscore in the title. I got the last 20 points right at the final battle. I still love that game, and all signs point to a masterful sequel as well. Go Microsoft. (Never thought I'd say that).

Time for a Coke folks, so off I go again. See you again tomorrow!


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