Friday, January 15, 2010

OZFM, KROCK, you suck. AND... some NHL10.

Well today I sit here, blogging away on yet another lunch hour trapped in my office (although the trade off is I get to spend the night with my lovely wife, so it's livable.:P) and the guys out from in the production area have on Krock, the local classic rock radio network, and it brought to mind a rant of a buddy of mine which I fully endorse. Newfoundland radio is AWFUL. The worst, most repetitive music you can imagine. Th music itself would be fine on it's own, without the gruesome overplaying from these awful stations. Yes, OZFM and KROCK, I'm looking squarely at you.

I'm going to start by saying that I am a rock n roll fan. I like Def Leppard, Van Halen, Collective Soul, and am a hardened Rock Band/ Guitar Hero player. I believe in the diversity of music, I know country music and pop music/ RnB sells better, and there are fans of these genres. But these stations claim to be "The Rock of the Rock" and "Krock Rocks".They do play rock music but....

Lets start with a shot or two at both radio stations. WHY THE HELL DO WE HEAR THE SAME 50 SONGS OVER AND OVER AGAIN??? What the HELL is wrong with your program managers? Are they paid to turn off your listeners? Are they paid by serius satellite radio to suck so they'll get more subscriptions? How many times do we have to hear the same ACDC songs (Who made Who, Thunderstruck), the same Def Leppard songs (Pour Some Sugar on Me, Hysteria, Animal, Photograph) and Bon Jovi songs (Livin' on a Prayer... I think that's all I hear from them)??? the repetition in your catalogues is absolutely terrible and something that truly needs to be fixed. I agree that these are some of the better tracks from these bands. But these bands HAVE had albums after 1988, with many great, radio friendly songs that will NOT alienate the listeners. Krock is slightly excused from the 1988 comment as they say they are "classic rock" not just rock. But seriously Krock? I've heard "White Room with Black Curtains" and "Crazy Train" 3 times in 3 days at the SAME TIME each day at one point. Seriously. There are a dozen other tracks that get played far too often.

Next, let's talk a little about Colin James and Bryan Adams. WE DO NOT NEED A MULTIPLE DAILY DOSE!!!! While both have done decent to great things in their musical careers, THEY DO NOT DESERVE TO BE BILLED AND PLAYED AS MUCH OR MORE THAN THE LIKES OF THE BEATLES, LED ZEPPLIN, THE ROLLING STONES, and similar large, genre defining bands. I have counted a Colin James song played every day for months. This guy, god bless his soul, is ok. He's released a lot of great music in comparison to the crap released by artists today. I'm sure if KROCK or OZ were to read this and respond, they'd give the "CANCON" canadian content excuse. Here is a list of available Canadian Content that I've come up with... just off the top of my head.

1. Moist
2. Our Lady Peace
3. Crush
4. (I hesitate to say) I Mother Earth
5. Econoline Crush
6. Lee Aaron
7. Platinum Blonde
8. Treble Charger
9. Big Sugar
10. Tea Party
11. Rush

Now, each of these bands has MORE THAN 1 or 2 SONGS. Should you read this, KROCK, OZ... I don't think I need to list off each hit by each band, or even the good tracks on each of their multi-platinum and multi gold selling albums.

Next... let's discuss what is rock and what is not. (This one is more personal tastes... feel free to skip this)

Nirvana is rock.
The Stampeders - Sweet City Woman... (which I've heard across both stations at LEAST 5 times in the past week) is not.

Def Leppard is most certainly rock.
David Wilcox most certainly is not.

Collective Soul, while a little fluffier, is STILL ROCK.
Bon Jovi is rock.
Metallica is ROCK.
Tragically Hip is ROCK.
The Beatles are ROCK.
The Rolling Stones ARE ROCK.

Avril Lavigne is not.

We cannot be totally negative. The on air talent on both stations are fun to listen to and help otherwise laggy, repetitive music. Get with it. Your program managers need to either smarten up or be fired.


OZFM: MONSTROUSLY EPIC FAIL. (This is because you even have a commercial saying you don't play the same 40 songs over and over. You. do.)

Now, for some video gaming. :) I'm making a run at the Stanley Cup in NHL 10 and I get a laugh at how random the game simulator is. I'm an Islanders fan. Yes, they are a "little" better this year, but still... 1st overall? Torching the Devils in the first round 4-0? I love it, but come on. They "may" make the playoffs this year. That's a big maybe. Anyway, I've taken over in the second round against Atlanta.

The game itself is pretty much the same as NHL 09 with refinements. NHL 09 was the cat's meow, so this game is even better. Great AI, fun to play, and even worth a watch for an onlooker because the presentation and graphics are sooo sharp. The Be a Pro section (which I play) is great, as you play the game almost in an RPG like state, where you gain experience points in 3 categories for playing. You get more if you rock, less if you suck. Simple. You can even play a whole game as a goalie (which is VERY hard, even on casual).

Anyway, that's it for me today. KROCK and OZ, smarten up. For the love of God, smarten up.


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