Friday, January 8, 2010

Darksiders... a joy or a generic title?

I picked up a copy of the wildly highly held Darksiders this evening. It's not often I'll buy a game without playtesting or doing some serious reading on it first. It gets high ratings all around, and is said to be a combo of Zelda puzzling and God of War killing. It's not so bad so far, I'm about an hour into it and I haven't really seen any "zing" yet, but the same could have been said for Assassin's Creed 2, which I thoroughly enjoyed. The graphics are good and the story is interesting, but so far it's a basic 3d action game.

The first week of back to work after Christmas has passed, and I gotta say, I enjoy a scheduled life. I'm more focused. Christmas week, while it was nice to have a little time off, I felt like I could have wasted away. I'm luckier than others, I have a great job, so that makes it easier. :)

A short post today, it's late. Thanks for reading!


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