Saturday, January 16, 2010

Yay, Saturday night Pikmin watching again... still no TV. :(

I shouldn't be too harsh, my wife loves gaming as much as I do. The problem I find with her and me is that I'm willing to watch her game, it's fun to talk about what she plays and how she plays. But, she refuses to watch me play. It's ok to play games to gether that she likes, whether I like them or not. But she will never play anything I like that's two player. So it's a little bit of a standstill sometimes. Like I said, I can't be too harsh. We have different tastes and I respect hers.

Anyway, tonight I was out doing my trading, like I tend to do every so often, and I'm at EB games in Mt. Pearl doing it. Ahead of me is a guy who's there with his 2 kids. He's trading in a PS2 (for those who might not know what that means, that's an OLD gaming system, considered out of date, still good, but not valuable) and trying to get what he can for it. I'll be polite in saying the guy didn't look too well off. (Although I could tell he had his fill of cigarettes for the day... YUCK!!) Anyway, the guy behind the counter was doing his best to be polite even though the guy was getting a little... offensive.

"I spent 130 ucks on this just last year! I bought it here! And you are only offering 15 bucks for it????"
"It's not me sir... I just scan the items and it tells me what I can offer."

There was some play back and forth, but the guy literally can't give any more for this system as it was in hard shape to begin with, all the games were old, scratched up, and worthless, so he sticks to his guns. The guy trading... I won't get into what I thought he was acting like but it certainly wasn't going to get him any more value for his stuff. The thing that was a little unsettling to me was that the kids couldn't have been more that 7 or 8 years old, and I noticed the games he was trading for them were Grand Theft Auto (two or three different ones), Rainbow 6, WWE wrestling... all titles I wouldn't allow a child to play. (Not to mention the M17 rating on most of them).... and he was trying to get Modern Warfare 2 for them!!!!

What's wrong with this picture?

>>low whispering voice...<< >>cough<< >>WHITE TRASH!<<

Anyway, tomorrow we'll talk about the principles of being a good trader. Buy low, trade high, taking advantage of trade deals and trade values offered by most retail outlets. Tonight I traded 3 games I got for next to nothing and got me a copy of Bayonetta. Much the same with Darksiders... I traded 2 crap titles and 1 good title I was finished with for that one. When people learn that the value isn't in the quantity, but the quality of the title, then they will learn the way of the trade.

Come back tomorrow and find out!


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