Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Avatar: NOT A FAIL

Well, I'm just back from the epically lengthed feature film, Avatar. I found myself exhilarated after I left. It's just before bedtime so I won't get too deep into it until tomorrow's post, but to keep this a gaming blog, let's just say it really made me want to play the game so my Avatar experience could be extended... no matter how much the game may suck.

Tomorrows post: 1. Avatar rocked and why. 2. Why I hate moustaches. 3. Why I hate guys who drive trucks and their trucks in general, and why they all seem to have moustaches. 4. A little more on Darksiders... because it's not just a rant-a-thon about why people won't give the 80's their moustaches back, no matter how nicely they are asked. :P


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