Monday, March 1, 2010


The PS3 network apparently didn't get y2K ready, or Leap year ready as it seems, as the system's internal clocks on almost ALL of the older style FAT systems has reset themselves to sometime in 1999. GEEEE-reat. I just bought a system that is a lemon. Sony says that they are working on it, and thank GOD I'm not a hardcore guy like some folks I know. Trophy data gets corrupted, and the world cries. :P Anyway, the big fat doorstop that I have that used to be known as PS3 may soon be needing to find another home.


Just chuggin through some games of late, finished up AvP the weekend. Took a stab at Dead Space and starting over in Mass Effect 1 again. Waiting on my copy of Bioshock 2 to be returned as it seems to be what I'm craving these days. I checked the trade on a bunch of the stuff I've finished recently, and low and behold, they are worth SO MUCH that I don't want to trade them right now. Friends, oh yee friends in my network of share friends, you shall reap the benefits. Who wants to borrow some grade - A new release titles? :P


Finally inspired to shoot a few pics again. I have two submissions for the self portrait and a killer idea for desolation. Apparently there are CAPA (a group I'm not entirely sure what is yet) submissions as well, but I'm going to pass on those this time around.

Off to try and cut through Dead Space. See you on the flip side.


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