Wednesday, March 10, 2010

So, who's out there?

Now that I've been posting for a couple of months, I'd love to know... who's out there? I get the odd comment back on facebook where I typically send out and advertise the blog, and officially I still have my ONE and only follower, but now I'd like to know. Who reads this jarbled mess of "learning how to write better?" After you've read this post, either comment here or on facebook and I may be able to taper some of my comments and thoughts to your likes on any given day. Most times, I'll still post whatever I please, but it's nice to once in a while "cater to the masses". :D

Today I'll talk a little about my recent photography crap. I call it crap because that is exactly what it is. CRAP. I was embarrassed to show my work in Camera 35 last week because I simply didn't put the work into it that I should have. I did 3 pictures for "Self Portrait" and 3 for "Desolation". The self portraits were somewhat better than the desolation, but they were ALL bad in general. The thought process for the self portraits were, in my mind, good. I was on the right track. I wanted to tell a little about me. I was looking down the neck of a guitar with wonderment, showing that I've been since grade 4 trying to learn guitar and I just can't get it. I did a shot with a classic glass coke bottle covering part of my face, suggesting my slavery to the red and white wave of caramel cola goodness. (I want a coke now... dammit.) A third is a really devilish, evil looking shot, suggesting that I have a dark side, like anyone. Each of them were shot on my Sony 5 mp. They looked ok, but not worthy of the good folks at Camera Club. This is something I became VERY aware of when I sat down and got to compare them with everyone elses shots.

The desolation shots were DEVASTATINGLY bad. two shots of dead weeds poking out of the show and a dark, blurry shot of my wife next to a barren, cold field. I did all three of these on the fly on the day the set was due. I had been waiting for some better weather, which never materialized, so I had to make due with what I could get.

I doubt any camera 35er's read this, but I'd like to comment on the rules of the competition for both of these contests. If you do read this, and you are one of the folks I speak of, please, do not be offended. This is not personal, I love your work and am inspired by much of it. I know I'm nowhere near the photographer most of you are in this club, I'm there to learn from you and am humbled by the fact that you've accepted me in your ranks.

Anyway, I was under the impression that the shots had to be taken FOR the competition, not something from our back catalogues. The thought process on these things being "go out and take some pictures". My shots, while bad, fit into the category of taking the time to go out and shoot them, and to try and learn something. These catalogue shots from places all over the globe to me equate to "What I Did on My Summer Vacation". If I were able to back catalogue some of these contests, I can provide VERY worthy shots far better than what I gave, but how would I learn from that experience? I wouldn't. Now, I by far one of the most junior members of the club, so I'm sure I have a little more freedom with regards to going out and shooting. My job is 9-5 basic, I have no kids, I have lots of free time. PLUS I have a lot more to learn than some of the folks who have been shooting for decades. but if it's a contest, then make the playing field level. Hell, there are some members who didn't even submit to the contests because, while they are most certainly incredibly talented, they just couldn't come up with something they liked within the time frame given. To me, this is what should be done if you can't come up with anything.

Onto a positive thought on the competitions, there were some absolutely FANTASTIC, CREATIVE, and TELLING shots submitted. In particular, I was a fan of Jerry's goofy face, Jenn's very sweet shot, and Geoff's very imaginative and creative multi-player Wii shot (I may try that myself sometime :P). Brian's shot of drinking wine was great as well.

With the fact that I wasn't very pleased with any of my shots, I've decided to re-shoot the entire set and see what I come up with when I actually commit the time to doing it right. I'm first going to sketch up the shots, then do my best to convert them to photograph. I'm going to scout out a few places tonight or tomorrow, and really get into it again.


So the Islanders have hit "Tank Road" finally. All year long they've done their best to put on a great show, be far more competitive, and be absolutely great to watch. Sadly, they've lost 12 of 15 and now sit with the 3rd worst overall record, and the 3rd best shot at the number one overall draft pick. Apparently, being in the top 5 is a good thing, as all 5 top ranked junior players are all blue chip, sure fire prospects. I'm still having pipe dreams of getting Taylor Hall, but Edmonton and Toronto seem to want to tank more than the Isles. :S Taveres seemingly is coming out of his mid season funk, with 3 or 4 points since the Olympic Break. Matt Moulson keeps on chugging along, and is in line for a nice raise with what should be a 55-60 point season, 25+ goals. Good on him. Kyle Okposo is going to be this teams leader. He leads the team in points and is a go to man in ALL situations.


Anybody else think the Jays will STINK worse than they did last year? Dear god, the team looks like a mess with no real #1 starting pitcher and still hoping that Vernon "I look like the kid from 2 1/2 Men" Wells will come out of his 3 year slump? Aaron Hill and Adam Lind can't do everything.


It's funny. I sat back last night, holding my 360 controller in my hands gingerly, and looked up at the screen to see Final Fantasy 13. I looked at the controller again and smiled.

"This is why I bought the machine", I said to myself. Way back when I was in the process of looking at getting a big boy system over the PS2 and Wii I owned at the time, the deciding factors were that the catalogue looked a bit better on 360, and it was getting Final Fantasy 13 as well. Back then I had myself convinced that I was still into RPG's the way I was in my teens and early 20's and let it guide me. I knew that it was coming out for PS3 as well, but the rumblings of a weaker catalogue really turned me from it.

So far, the deciding factor has been worth it (see last night's post for details).

Back at ya tomorrow, and again, let me know you are out there. Comment here or on Facebook.


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  1. I'm reading...
    Thanks for the comments on my portraits.
    I didn't think yours were as bad as you make them out to be here. The 'Evil Chris' one I think has a lot of potential, possibly cropped a bit tighter and with less lightening of the eyes. I'll be interested to see how the re-shoot turns out for you.

    As for the rules of the competition, there isn't an _official_ rule yet about the date the photos were taken, but I agree that pulling things from your catalogue is against the spirit of the competition. I think this'll change in the near future, as several people were not pleased with Thursday's meeting.