Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Anybody remember "What it's like havin a Roni"?

I just figured I'd drop a little randomness into your day with the title. I don't even know what a Roni is save for a San Francisco Treat, and I'm sure it's not that. :P So last night I spoke of how the PS3 is having it's issues, and it seems they are all mysteriously fixed now. Sony never truly told anyone how they've fixed it so it's quite possible my PS3 is home now converting all my other electronics into evil Transformers to take over the world. But hey, who cares. It works. :)


I played through the Demo of Hard Rain last night and it was a pleasant surprise. It's basically the same style of game as "Indigo Prophecy"... an under the radar great title from a few years back. What you are mostly doing is watch a CG movie and inputting specific button sequences to continue the movie on it's merry way. Now... it is actually much better than it sounds. Some of the stuff seems random but overall it's quite engaging. Too bad it's on PS3, as it now gets flipped to a renter pile instead of a buyer pile. I don't want to invest in a second collection of games like I have with the 360. You PS3 owners out there who want a unique game experience owe it to yourselves to at least give the demo a whirl, or even a rental. It's a quality, grade A title.


The weather looks absolutely terrible over the next few days, which shall make my "desolation" picture a hard one to get. Rain, Drizzle, Fog... typical Newfoundland weather and seemingly what comes up every time I want to enter a photo competition. The grey skies will help, all the same. I finished my Self Portrait shots last night and I'm very pleased with them. There are no straight on shots of me, as all three tell a little story about me. I'll say more and post them here on Friday after they've been submitted. They deal a little with Coke, Guitars, and Evilness. :P Take from that what you will.


That's it today! I'll be starting Bioshock 2 tonight, so you gamers who read will be less bored with my articles coming up!


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