Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Onto something new gaming wise. AND! It's sunny out so I can go outside!

So I managed to finish Dead Rising last night, I got the lame assed ending because I didn't watch my time and ended up not making it to the final checkpoint in time. :( However, I get to start over with a super high level and Wrestling boots. I hope I get to keep my kill count, which was nearly 8000 zombies before all was said and done. The sheer joy of being in a van and driving over literally THOUSANDS OF ZOMBIES is quite euphoric. Strange to read, I know. It sounds insane. But try it, you'll see.

I haven't decided what to do next in gaming. I have Final Fantasy 13, and I have Dragon Age Origins: Awakening, and I still have Bioshock 2. Mass Effect 2 has some serious DLC coming out in April as well, so I can see myself jumping back into that as well.

FF13 is growing a little tedious, with it's long run of linear gameplay (see: Star Wars trench run, dragged out to 25 hours). I'm still enjoying the game and I'm starting to really get into the characters, much like you would with characters in a great book. But sadly, I see the length of hand-holding for players in this game as being almost a commentary for the Japanese developers on Americans in general (because everyone in the western world is American it seems). Short attention spans aside, it's almost like they are saying they're stupid. They cannot handle materia development, magic growth, or skills trees, (see FF7, 8, and 12) so we have to hold their hand through the first half of the game to make sure they get the point. Anyway, it does get better. :)

Dragon Age is a great, indepth and compelling game that makes me cry when I look at it. For such a strong game to have such poor visuals, even with the ever so slight bump in quality for the expansion, is a travesty. I really want to play through again before I get too deep in the expansion simply because I now have all the DLC for it and want to use it to help develop my character more. Are characters backwards compatible? Hmmm... just did some quick research and no, they are not. So... I may as well wait and get my copy back from my friend to play the DLC, when finished that I can continue onto Awakenings from there.

Bioshock 2 sadly sits on the shelf, collecting dust. It's a very good title and fun to play, but for some reason or another, I've found other stuff to play before it. I think I got it when I did simply because it was fun to take advantage of trade specials. :D I'm sure I'm going to have to start it fresh again, as I haven't gotten that far in it to begin with, and I kinda forget what I've actually done so far. :S

Finally, it's so nice out that I think it's an evening for pictures. Sunset pictures are always fun to take and it's really not hard to make them look amazing. Here's hoping the weather holds!


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