Thursday, March 11, 2010

Moving the day after

For the first time in forever, a moving day hasn't drained the life out of me and ached my back. It's great! Now, I've had a few moves over the past couple of years, with myself and my peers mostly at the age where you move out of the apartment lifestyle and into the first home lifestyle. Squeezing things around tight corners and through small doors, etc. As much as my female readers (who didn't pipe up yesterday! :P) may hate to hear this, where I'm one of "the guys" and not a skinny little squirt, I generally get to do the heavy lifting, which in turn makes me ache and pain and very tired. This time around, I did that and it didn't bother me at all. YaY! :D

We were moving things out of my grandmother's and into my basement for storage. A Bedroom set with two dressers being the heavy stuff. I then went with a co-worker who is moving into a house and got a bunch of his stuff over as well. It was a great night for exercising in general. :D

I'm still on task for the photos I had intended to take. I have sketched up all 6 that I want to do (the self portraits aren't deviating from the plan much, just a little more of me in each shot) abut the desolation ones are going to be a bit more involved.

Anyway, a short post for me today, I didn't even turn on the Xbox last night. I'll have more on FF13 and the coming of the Dragon Age expansion tomorrow.


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