Thursday, March 4, 2010

Microwave Lunchables... what the HELL was I thinking?

I'm here, trapped at work for yet ANOTHER day. I have to stay in at work when my wife works day shifts, as it is easier for everyone. This is part of the reason I started blogging actually. I haven't found a DS game since "The World Ends With You" to hold my attention, I'm not a big reader, and I like to blab. BLABLABLAB... and thus this blog was born. :P

So last night I went to get some groceries and ended up foolishly buying a bunch of microwave dinners. Why, I dunno. They ALWAYS look so good on the box, then you take a bite and you get the most disgusting taste in the world. Not because it is the most disgusting though, but because you were expecting this restaurant styled, all world tasting delight and you get soggy bread with some tough pepperoni and gooey, greasy cheese. The vegetables are always gross and shrivelled, the edges alway tough enough to withstand hurricane force winds and weather should someone get smart enough to adapt this strange technological advance into something useful rather than leaving it as an unfulfilling lunch crust.


So lets step in the wayback machine and go back to when I first started this blog and I was talking about Darksiders. It's your average 3d action-steal-from-other-titles-and-claim-to-be-original games. I picked it up based on some great ratings and the games that it stole from, Legend of Zelda & God of War, were pretty awesome. I have to admit, I haven't truly liked any Zelda since the SNES Link to the Past game (although to Game Boy cop offs have been decent). The N64 games, which were regaled as generational inspired works, were ugly and tedious. The Gamecube version was fun to watch but I never really took to it. The Wii version was the same game, with Wii controls. Through all this I know I'm in the minority when it comes to opinion. But I just didn't take to them. Anyway, the parts that I didn't like, the tedious puzzles, is what about 80% of what Darksiders is. The game world is supposed to be a world where people are all killed off and the "demons" have taken over. The world has all the derelict cars, buildings, and warehouses that were there when all the people died. I don't know who made the game world, but it is needlessly tainted with tedium and ridiculously bad layers of "do this to get the door open" crap. In other games at least they mask the tedium with "the ancients made it this way so the "treasure" would be protected (See "Tomb Raider", etc). Here, it's just to get to the next room. Blah. Anyway, Darksiders is now on the trader pile and fits into the category "Regrettable Acquisitions". Thankfully, it's worth a pretty penny at Rogers, so it's going towards my Final Fantasy 13 purchase, or maybe Dragon Age Origins: Awakening.

Speaking of which, I guess we all have a list of games or hobby sorts of things that we can count off. I generally enjoy most every title I play to some degree. But there are those Darksider titles that really get promo-ed well and I fall into the trap. Super Swing Golf on Wii is one that comes to mind (why didn't I just get Tiger Woods???), Far Cry in any of it's iterations (I fell prey to Far Cry Predator), Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, and Spider-man 3 all dashed my hopes as I needlessly lined the pockets of the local EB retailer. Oh woe is me.

I have the photo competition tonight and I still do not have a desolation picture. I will rush one out before I go tonight but it won't be what I wanted I don't say. I'll run out back today after I clue this up and see if I can come up with something... I'd best go do that now as I have half my lunch gone already! Will be back with results tomorrow!


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