Friday, April 1, 2011

A Quick Friday Blog Post

So it's lunchtime and I'm driving along Kenmount Road and pull up to one of the seemingly dozen red lights, and a young lady pulls up next to me. She seems to be all in her glory, puffing away on her tasteless and socially unacceptable cigarette, and literally blowing the windows off with some stupid rap music. It was so loud that it was actually vibrating my windows. Not cool.

Given that I am from the era of excess, I felt that there was no need to have her vibrate my windows for me, so I turn on the radio to see what was on.

The rest of this story is like something out of a video from the 80's.

The first words I hear on the radio are Joe Elliott of Def Leppard screaming out:


with the obviously awesome and colorful response of:


Def Leppard's glorious "Rock of Ages", circa 1983, was blaring on the radio. So what do I do?

Why, crack it UP of course! I look to my right at the young lass and she looks at me like I have 10 heads. I throw up the HORNS and wheel through the lights.

What a day. Suck up your wigger rap and cigarettes, baby. Rock and Roll lives!!!!



  1. Love it!! Way to rock out bro

  2. could you make a printable for the buffalo bisons hockey team with the bottle cap logo? That would be awesome!

  3. Am working on the Bisons now! Should be close, not exact, but a reasonable job no less. :)