Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Breaking News: Metrobus being pulled from the Village Mall

Metrobus will be pulling up stakes and leaving the Village Mall this coming August, after the Mall says "thanks but no thanks". In one more reason for Metrobus drivers to regret their ridiculous strike last fall, the Village Mall noticed how much more crime has increased in their doors since the return of the poorly run and poorly managed operation. So, even though many workers will suffer for the move from the Mall, the benefits of getting rid of the service far outwiegh the negatives.

I was a bus rider for many years, and truthfully, it was a woeful excuse for a public transit system. As a rider, it took me as long to get from downtown to Stavanger Drive as it would have been for me to hop in a car and drive to Whitbourne. (Not even an exageration).

With the continued issues that come up at the mall such as shoplifting, drug trafficking, and violence, and the gross increase that happened after the buses came back, one cannot blame them for this action.

In the article linked suggesting that the mall actually apologize to riders, one has to simply think clearly before letting a bleeding heart take over. No, obviously not everybody on the buses are criminals. BUT... many are. If you are on the bus, look to your left and look to your right. Do you know that person? Don't blame the mall for looking out for their already dwindling number of retailers. Blame the guy who steals a set of knives, or throws plates from display stands (two actual instances that really happened), or the teens who kick in the glass doors, or the mall rats who are selling cigarettes and beer to minors at the door (I witnessed this personally)... the list goes on and on. The counsillors in question needs to stop looking for votes and needs to start looking for answers to these very real  issues.

Sorry Metrobus. Looks like you'll need to drop your skeets off over at Zellers and Sobey's. Oh right... aren't they moving out of there too?


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