Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Playing Devils Advocate: Go IGN GO!


I won't copy and paste the article like I did yesterday, as the layout that the team at IGN has done really adds to the piece. The article, "Comment Comeback", really puts the system fanboys in their places over comments made that disagree with the review for Crysis 2.

Yesterday, I commented on an article in much the same way, but not saying that the writer was out and out wrong, but saying that I felt he was over analyzing games in general by saying mini games and collectibles in games were taking away from games. In my mind, if he weren't bitching about this, he'd be bitching about there not being enough content in games.

The worst part about being critical of someone, be it a reviewer, an athlete, or anyone really, is that it is generally interpreted as you not liking that someone or who they work for or whatever. This, in nearly EVERY case, is wrong. I'll go on record, here and now, by saying that IGN, in my opinion (remember I said opinion) is the absolute best video gaming site on the web. They aren't afraid to say "this game is meh" or "this game is mind blowing". The are concise, to the point, a well written. They aren't glorified bloggers like me. :) Yesterday, I was critical of IGN editor Hilary Goldstein. Not because I don't like him or his work or IGN in general, but because I felt he wrote a piece that was nonsense. It was the work, not him in general, that I disagreed with.

Anyway, the link above is something that I really LOVED. Much of what makes things difficult when reading internet articles are people who do everything but scream at writers and wading through the comments section literally becomes a chore instead of an interest. Good on the writers here for standing up for themselves AND putting these people in their places. The point by point tearing down of these morons who think they know better but are really just letting their passion for the game get in the way of rational thought is almost magical.

On a side note... I wonder how many of these people are over the age of 15... hmm....


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