Sunday, April 10, 2011

St. John's Restaurant Recommendation #1: Klondike Jakes

Now, much like everything else in my life, I'm very critical over what service I receive at a restaurant. Is my drink always full, am I bothered too much by a server, am I taken care of enough, is the food good, and so on and so forth. It's a very difficult balance when it comes to good customer service and over indulgence from a server. Today, I'm going to start giving some thoughts on restaurants in our fine city. Yesyerday, I spoke of a great Geek Store, Netherworld Collectibles. (Don't worry Steve, you'll be coming up next at the goodship Microplay!) Today, I'm going to tell you about Klondike Jakes.

Now, I'm not going to say KJ's is the best restaurant in the city. It most certainly isn't. It's your basic, run of the mill family restaurant that is a step about McDonald's and a step below fine dining. It's the sort of restaurant that is a great place for a first date for a young couple, as it is very affordable and a step above the aforementioned McDonalds. It's a great place for a supper for a couple on the run, such as my wife and I tend to be a lot. It's even great for a stop in for a drink and a pound of wings when you just don't feel like cooking for a night.

I've eaten numerous items from their menu, including the hot wings, the steak, a meaty hamburger, pork shops, a club, a club wrap... all the "usual suspects" for someone who might eat at a place like this. The wings are great, with lots of zingy sauce, and not too over the top in flavor as to take away from a side dish or a drink. The steak, while a little dry, was very servicable and suitably tasty while reasonably priced. The burgers were great, rivalling some of the best hamburgers I've eaten in the city. Clubs and wraps are always filled properly with lettuce and chicken, and an ample supply of my ever loving favorite, bacon. :) The pork chops are easily the best I've eaten at a restaurant in St. John's.

The service in this restaurant is exactly what you would think it would be. The serving girls are very pleasant (I say girls because I think I've only seen a guy there once) but not the "over-the-top-because-I-want-a-tip" pleasant. When I'm there, my drink is always full, although from time to time I need to ask for a refill. They are speedy and generally you get service right away, and they are alway prompt with a bill when you are done. (This is a big point for me) Having been frequenting KJ's for a number of years now, with me being a former mall employee and now with my wife working there, I notice that many servers have been there for a long time, so they know the layout and know the menu well enough for me to be confident enough to ask for a recommendation. (Also a big point for me)

The thing about Klondike Jakes for me is that I know that they aren't the best restaurant in the city. It's a family restaurant built on a business of servicing mall customers, not just from luring the average restaurant faring public in. It targets mall staff and consumers alike, and does so very well. It's fast and good, but not great. When you go in, you know what you should expect and you get it, EVERY TIME. This is something not a lot of restaurants in this city can claim. (I'm looking at you, Jungle Jim's) If you want a safe, servicable, and fast place to eat out, check out Klondike Jakes in the Village Mall. You won't be blown away, and you definately won't be disappointed.


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