Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Get OVER HERE!!! Mortal Kombat out TODAY!

I will be picking up my Kollector's Edition at lunchtime today and posting comments on the set around lunchtime, with initial thoughts on the game tonight. I LOVE new game day!


UPDATE #1 1:pm

Just got my hands on my Kollector's Edition. I usually counsel against the purchase of collectors ed's but this one struck me interesting. Bookends, fully sculpted and painted, extra in game characters and free Xbox avatar gear and the usual useless artbook. Having it in my hands really shows me that I got my money's worth (especially because it was $10 cheaper than originally thought). Check it out:

Mine came with Classic Scorpion and Classic Ermac characters, and scorpion gear for my avatar.

More to come!


Update: 3:30pm

Mortal Kombat's metacritic score is an astounding 88 out of 100, with 14 out of 14 reviews reflecting a very positive attitude towards the game.



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