Thursday, April 7, 2011

Some about me

So it's been over a year now since I started blogging. Some of it has been bad, some of it good, some of it has gotten me into trouble even. No worries in any regards, it's generally all just a difference of opinion really. It's been fun. Anyway, I ponder thoughts on more than one medium, and if you were interested in checking out my other materials, and my interests, here is a quick list.

1. Facebook:
2. Follow me on Twitter: @chrisddixon
3. Check out my business, Custom GPS Mapping:
4. Check out my workplace: (sorry, male readers, the girl on the front page isn't me, I'm prettier!!! :P)
5. I'm a part of a Camera Club! Camera 35:
6. Speaking of photography, check out my Flickr feed:
7. NHL Hockey, love it, love it! My New York Islanders homepage:
8. I'm a gamer and I tend to follow two sites: and
9. I recently started reading comic books again. Strange but true. Here is the link to

That's a very very brief listing of what I like to do. There are other things, like baseball (Go Jays!), Doctor Who (April 23rd season 6!!!) and illustration (no link boo). Hope you enjoyed my self indulgence. See you next time!


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