Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Oh no... the latest NBC Super Hero BOMB is coming...


Aside from a GREAT looking Wonder Woman, This looks TERRIBLE! The Costume looks bad!!! (Granted, it'd be tough to make Wonder Woman's costume to look any better given it's pornstar like coverage). Hopefully, the stories will make the show work. After the absolutely abysmal "The Cape" and the loss of Heroes, a third strike to NBC might actually killthe super hero genre for the network. :S


The first promotional image from NBC's live-action Wonder Woman TV series offered the first look at actress Adrianne Palicki, suited up as the Amazon Princess. And with that first look being despised, the latest batch of set images unveil a few alterations to the costume. Via AceShowBiz, the images depict of an action sequence involving the crime-fighter running through busy streets, [stunt-double] jumping on car hoods in pursuit of two "bad guys" in white, one of which is actor/stuntman Joseph Gatt, also spotted. Anyhow,, check out the images below, and see if you can spot the changes.

[Click Images To Enlarge]

"Wonder Woman" began its three day shoot in Hollywood that day, Navigate Hollywood reported. Hollywood Boulevard between Orange Drive and Highland Avenue were closed overnight and Eastbound lanes were closed at 4 P.M. Three hours later, Westbound lanes were closed and all lanes were re-opened at 7 A.M. Wednesday.

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