Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Ultimate Trade Swindle, and it was completely LEGAL. :)

It's been quite a year for deals, with EB Games putting off a regular daily deal. In many ways, they are taking advantage of it to lessen stock on games that they have a lot of, either by over purchasing or what not. Anyway, these deals are incredible, with most titles selling for a meager $4.89, essentially cheaper than your average rental.

So anyway, I've purchased most of these games. There have been some amazing titles, like Blur, Split Second, and Metroid: Other M. Likewise, there has been some absolute shit, like Blood Drive, Quantum Theory, and MorphX. My collection was spilling out off of my shelf!

I actually had the plan to buy all the $5 games, have a yard sale in the spring, and sell them all for $8 to $10, make a few dollars. It's a sound plan, really. BUT... I decide to do a little games belt run (see previous posts on this) tonight, and my first stop was Blockbuster. Oh my... I saw Quantum Theory and Blood Drive selling USED for a sickly $54.99! You know what THAT means! Higher than usual trade values because they had no idea that these games were worth less than your average egg! Anyway, I run home, and out of interest, grab ALL my daily deal titles save for Split Second and Blur (amazingly fun racers) plus a couple of titles I had finished up with. I ran to the closest Blockbuster and start trading.

Here is a chart of titles that I traded:
Blood Drive - X360, purchased at $4.89, traded at $30.
Quantum Theory - X360, purchased at $4.89, traded at $30.
MorphX - X360, purchased at $4.89, traded at $30.
Metroid Other M - Wii, purchased at $9.89, traded at $30.
Sin and Punishment - Wii, purchased at $4.89, traded at $30.
Iron Man - X360, purchased at $4.89, traded at $30.
Wolverine - X360, purchased for $4.89, traded for $15.
Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, Two Worlds 2, Kinect Joy Ride: Previously owned titles, all traded for titles I spent $15 total (love trade 3 at EB) and each nets 25 to 30 dollars.

I won't get into my purchase, but needless to say: It was big, and I only spent a grand total of $85 for nearly $300 worth of goods. OH MY GOD. Buy low,trade HIGH! Look around. These things are amazing and can save you HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS!