Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Phoenix Coyotes sale... why not just sell to someone who can afford it?

From the fantastic new Dreger Report on TSN:

The NHL's visit to Glendale last week and wave of publicity generated by a sense of urgency the Phoenix Coyotes remain on the cusp of either being sold or relocated, sparked the type of financial interest the National Hockey League was hoping for.

Multiple reports suggest there is growing interest among bond buyers to buy-in and salvage the sale of the team to Chicago businessman, Matt Hulsizer, but sources say while the possibility exists the bonds could be sold this week, there's a reluctance to say either the league or the city of Glendale is optimistic a deal is imminent.

Time is of the essence and this story could change on an hour-by-hour basis depending on whether the interested bond buyers formally make their move. But the fact the NHL has not set a deadline or pulled the plug on this sale, suggests the league is hopeful a deal to keep the Coyotes in Glendale can still be reached.

In the meantime, True North, the group keenly interested in bringing an NHL team back to Winnipeg, maintains its patience and remains supportive of the NHL's fight for the Coyotes survival. But each day that passes without resolution creeps closer to an unofficial, soft mid-April deadline True North may have to be fair to its existing AHL partners, as well as renovate and prepare if the relocation dream is realized.


My question is... why not sell it to someone who can simply afford it? Seriously... bonds?

I'm not saying sell to Balsillie  either. Let's just find someone who can just pay for the team and let him do what he wants with it. Phoenix just isn't working.


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