Wednesday, March 9, 2011

XBox 360 Kinect: I've been BAMBOOZLED!

So here we are, a good couple of months past my purchase of the Microsoft Kinect, and I feel pretty stupid. Where are the games? Body and Brain Connection (metacritic score of a very mediocre 60)? Where are the "hardcore" games promised? They are displaying the kinect at Paxeast with launch titles from last fall for god's sake.

I don't like to consider myself "hardcore", I do play a lot of games but not to the point of where my eyes bleed. But I do like more than just mini games and dance games (currently 3 on the kinect already!) I bought into the rage and got bamboozled. Now that the sugar coating is gone, all that is left is the stupid kinect show where a bubbly chick points her fingers at me CONSTANTLY. (Seriously, check that out).

Anyway, to end this short post... if anyone at Microsoft is reading, your userbase for Kinect is starting to erode already. You've pretty much lost my wife and I... pick up the pace or you will lose us all. :S


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