Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wow, people are actually reading! NHL thoughts, quick gaming thoguhts, and Camera Club.

Even though my english tends to be bad, I tend to not be able to let go of ideas, have trouble summing up and in some cases I may contradict myself, PEOPLE ARE READING MY BLOG! Wow. The biggest hits tend to come from Hockey related posts, and the vast majority of my reads come from the States of all places. Here I though it was mostly friends taking pity on lil ol' me.

Thank you for reading! I shall endeavor to do better with each post.

Onto today, as I find myself with some dead time left on my lunch break.

Tonight I have Camera Club, with submissions to two different contests. The first, an Open Competition for CAPA members, I have 3 shots from my summer travels and weddings. The second, an internal contest for club members only, is called Street Photography. I did mention it in a previous post, actually. I did get 3 shots for the contest, but I believe that none of them will score well at all. I found myself very uncomfortable taking these shots, as even though it's "street photography", taking shots of the street, in my mind the key focus of the shot is to catch people doing things, thus you are actually taking pictures of people on the street. I don't have any super zoom, so I was running around shooting hoping not to get caught. I did learn some I feel, better cropping and such when actually shooting. But I did get some strange looks. Hopefully the next contest will provide a different subject that isn't so intrusive on other people.

The Islanders have started out 1-1-1. They've looked good offensively so far, with almost everyone contributing, even with Tavares, Okposo, and Streit not in the lineup. They lost last night, fighting the Capitals to a standstill until near the end, when a questionable call cost them big time. Roloson looked good, DiPietro is still shaking off rust, and El Nino even got his first goal! I'm still thinking 11th overall in the conference, but it has been a fun first week on the Island.

I've been commenting on a number of NHL players recently, with Theodore getting signed and Carey Price sticking it to the absolutely AWFUL Montreal fan base. Today I wanted to comment on the Toronto Maple Leafs. Now, we all love to poke fun at how bad they've generally always been. I can feel for the fans, as I being a NY Islanders fan, I do understand what you have been going through. But, unlike the Islanders fanbase, who have in general walked away from the team, the Leafs fans, while comically dedicated, are just that, dedicated and can quite possibly be called the best fans of any team in the league. Think about it, no matter how bad the team has been since the 60's (which is a VERY long time), there has never been a day that I or any other hockey fan hasn't lived to see some sort of blue and white jersey or logo or website. No matter how bad they are, the fans are ALWAYS going to be there for them, and cheer them on, and keep coming back for more, even if it is Toskala-like bad.

No matter how foolish you are, Maple Laffs fans, here's to you. At least you are real fans.

Next post, I shall bash the Habs fans gleefully, as most of you truly are the suckage of hockey, and even are a detriment to the team. Just a thought... how many players either leave or don't sign there simply because you guys SUCK SO MUCH? I remember one player... he won you a couple of cups before you ran him out of town... oh yeah. Patrick Roy.

Finally today, a little on gaming. I'm between games right now, but start in on the second "cash-in" title coming this fall, in Fallout New Vegas. It's the same game engine as Fallout 3, but just made into a new game. Not necessarily a bad thing. But still, a "new" game would be nice. The first, Dead Rising 2, was essentially the same game as the first with fun tweaks. I loved it, but it was even the same engine. The third, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, lands in November. It's the EXACT SAME GAME ENGINE as AC2, but with multiplayer added. Do we see a trend happening here yet? I guess if it's a hit, why stray from what works? Sequels are fun in general. The best ones are the ones that not only take the last one and build on it, they are theones that change them, and make them better. If you need to see prime example el numero uno, look no further than Mass Effect 2.

That's it today folks. See you next time.


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