Friday, October 8, 2010

Dead Rising Brief Thoughts

Here's a fun little except from a British Guy who played Dead Rising 2.


All in all, Dead Rising 2 is a very satisfying game. It certainly has its flaws, and thus will not be supplanting Left 4 Dead 2 as the best zombie game for your buck. When it's all about the weapon making, zombie killing fun, this game can be as satisfying as they come. When they try to make you care about anything other than where more zombies are and why their heads remain unsmashed, however, the flaws come screaming in to the room with air horns and megaphones. If you're someone who is a fan of the idea of a game where the overall concept is you + stuff + zombies = smash zombies with stuff, then you will find this game a hearty entrant into the zombie milieu. Those who cannot adapt to somewhat dodgy controls, or who care about characters or a worthwhile narrative, may find this game lackluster. But seriously, I have two words that should get those types to come around:

Chainsaw Motorcycle


While I don't agree with the Left for Dead comment, his thoughts on the game were quite similar to mine. Everything is by the book when it comes to story, and the control can be a little flaky at times. But if you want a game about smashing zombies with stuff, it's as good as it gets! :D I've just started back in on the first Dead Rising, and I really see the tweaks in the overall system. DR2 is far better than DR1. Not to say the first was bad, but 2 is just the same thing, with the problems MOSTLY fixed. The Psychopath Bosses are just as cheesy and frustratingly hard to beat as ever.Anyway, check them both out if you want some fun times with random, silly violence. And yes, you CAN have a light saber!!!

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