Thursday, October 14, 2010

Carey Price is a good Goalie

For all you Carey Price detractors out there... quotes from last night's article on the Habs 4-3 loss to the Lightning:

...The Lightning outshot Montreal 47-27, and only solid goaltending from Carey Price kept the home team in a game marked by sloppy passing and defensive play...

...Price was Montreal's best player for a second game in a row after his 36-save effort in a 3-2 win Saturday in Pittsburgh...

IMO, Price is a fantastic goalie still learning his craft is probably the SHITTIEST hockey market in the league for up and coming players. With all the history of the franchise, these players have big shoes to fill, and if it's not done immediately, then the fans get on them.

Montreal has the WORST fans in the league, bar none.


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