Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Islanders vs Maple Leafs thoughts, October 19

Whoops, posted without a post. :) I caught most of this chaos that was called a game there last night and I have to say, I was very entertained.

A grand description of this game would be thus:

Outside of some fantastic goaltending on behalf of Roloson and Guigere, this was like watching Pee Wee Hockey. The puck was all over the place, something akin to a tennis ball. Both teams were having a hell of a time setting ANYTHING up because both teams were skating so hard at one another. Everytime the puck stopped, it felt like there were 5 rabid players ready to pounce on it. It was hilarious, fantastic, and very entertaining all in one.

I saw this on Leafs TV, and man, you guys LOVE your Leafs, and need to stop watching Daytime Television. Far too over-dramatic graphics and visuals. Dear God I thought I was about to see a presidential debate, not a hockey game. It was really out of place. The last second interview with Ron Wilson before he heads to the bench and the shaky cam following of him as he goes was just short of ridiculous.

Kudos to Roloson for a strong game. The Leafs Nation needed a poke to get them out of their nice guy delirious haze with their Stanley Cup Parade plans. Let's go ISLANDERS! People are starting to notice.


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